Appliance Forces has been in the King County area Est. 2020, offering our customers a fast, friendly, and professional appliance repair service. We have a team to cover every job, no matter how large or how small, whether it's your washing machine, refrigerator, oven, or other appliance, we can get you back on track. We pride ourselves on placing the customer at the center of our service, always looking to deliver exceptional standards at affordable prices. Find out how we can help by contacting us today!

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Our area of work includes most of major home appliances including refrigerators, gas and electrical stoves, cooktops, dishwashers, washers, dryers, hoods, microwaves.

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Once you book an appointment, our technician will be in touch with a range of flexible scheduling options. Call our hotline or use the contact form and we'll be in touch within 24 hours. Our technicians are punctual and reliable. We won't keep you waiting at home!


Our technicians are always well-prepared for any eventualities and will arrive with all the parts on hand. No dragging things out with multiple visits. ​Our many repeat customers attest to the integrity and reliability of our service.


Our free phone consultation service provides an early initial diagnosis to determine if you need a home visit. ​ At your home, the technician will work fast to diagnose the issue and provide you with an assessment of the problem and repair options. ​ We understand how important it is to feel confident and worry free when it comes to high-end appliances.


"Two thumbs up. If you’re in need of an honest, professional, and reliable Refrigerator Repair Service, look no further than Appliance Forces. I’ve relied on the service providers from Kirkland Appliance Repair on numerous occasions, and have yet to be disappointed. I recommend their services to all of my friends.”
Riley Jones
"I found out about Appliance Forces through a friend that had a great experience with them, and I couldn’t have been more fortunate. They were fast, friendly, and super professional from the moment I called."
Jesica Duncan


At Appliance Forces, we place customer care at the top of our priorities, and that is why we are following CDC recommended guidelines regarding coronavirus safety protocol. This protocol includes:

Conducting daily health checks of all our employees

Ensuring employees wear a face covering when entering your home

Requiring employees to use hand sanitizer before entering your home and to clean all surfaces before leaving

Asking employees to observe social distancing whilst inside your home.

In an effort to ensure both the safety of our customers, our staff, and the wider community we also request customers to please observe the following regulations when considering making a booking with us. 

If anyone in your house or someone you are in close contact with has recently tested positive for COVID-19 or is currently showing symptoms of the illness, we cannot currently provide any services which require our technicians to enter your home.

Please observe social distancing with our technician when they are inside your home, where this is possible

If social distancing is not possible due to the size of the space, please kindly wear a face covering when speaking with our technicians

During this time we will also be providing a free, over-the-phone consultation service so we encourage you to get in touch by phone to see if we can solve your problem for you without visiting your home. You can also check our other FAQs below to see how to resolve some of the more common issues without a visit from us.  

In the case of emergency or if you need a technician to visit, please schedule an appointment.


At Appliance Forces, we hold ourselves to the highest standards with the services we offer, and in every aspect of the work that we do.

Our workforce is highly trained and qualified; dedicated to offering diverse and specialized services tailored to our client’s unique preferences and situation. We are always looking for the best outcome for our customers and if we can help you resolve your problem without the intervention of one of our technicians and save you some money, even better! Take a look at some of the problems and solutions we have below to see if you need to schedule an appointment or not.


To prevent bad smells in your refrigerator, first empty and clean it out, then put an open box of baking soda inside. If the smell persists, schedule an appointment.

The optimum temperature to ensure produce in your refrigerator stays in the best condition is between 36 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you stock your fridge with too much produce, you can restrict airflow, which limits cooling capability. Refrigerators work best when they are not fully packed. We recommend working on the basis of 75% capacity.


If your washing machine is excessively noisy, the first thing to check is that it is leveled. Do this by checking the floor mounts so see they are correctly adjusted. The second thing to check is the contents of the load. Make sure that you have emptied out the pockets of any clothing before putting them in the washer and checking for badges, buckles or chains which may make excessive noise when the wash is underway.


If your LG oven is not working, first, ensure the clock is set to manual. This is an easy fix that you can do yourself. If this doesn’t work, you may have a burned wire connection, defective thermostat, or a defective selector switch. Schedule an appointment so that our technicians can diagnose the issue.

If your whole oven range is not working, you may have an issue with the power supply. Assess first if you have power going to the range and if there is no power, check your circuit breaker panel. If you cannot resolve the issue in this way, call us so that we can send a technician to assess.

Try to avoid running an unbalanced load. It’s always better to stop an unbalanced load, rearrange it, then restart the wash.

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